John Pomp is a design-driven artisan manufacturer focused on creating abstracted organic works of furniture and lighting. Inspired by elemental materials in transitory states and informed by almost otherworldly natural phenomena, John Pomp’s work combines molten glass, warped metal, and refracted light to create imaginative, organic forms. Led by designer, artist, and glassblower John Pomp with his partner Anne, a team of over 50 creatives design and make each piece from concept to completion in-house. With a sculptural, experimental approach to design, the work develops through a non-linear process explored through various methods, including abstract glass studies, organic form generating, and process discovery. This approach leads to a designed process rather than a product. Each piece is made from scratch in their 65,000 sqft Philadelphia studio using a combination of modern techniques and old-world craftsmanship.


The son of a carpenter, John grew up being surrounded by beautiful things made by his father. While attending Columbus College of Art and Design, he reluctantly registered for a glassblowing class upon the guidance of his high school art teacher, mentor, and lifelong friend. Within moments, he knew that's what he was going to do for the rest of his life, reminding him of the creative actions and flow states he experienced while skateboarding and action painting. This passion for molten glass and love for the fire has been a driving inspiration through his thirty years mastering the art of glassblowing. Since 1999, John has grown his multi-disciplinary studio to a crew of over fifty creatives that help him make his lighting, furniture, and sculptural objects. More recently through surfing, John has discovered a love for the ocean, which has brought him full circle to that first encounter with molten glass. He is now creating bodies of work inspired by the fluidity of both fire and water and finding their place in the universe - as well as his own.